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Jack Announces His Intent to Apply for the Vacancy on the WCSD Board

On September 27th, Jack announced that he will be applying for the vacant seat on the Washoe County School Board. Read his entire statement below :

"With sincere excitement and admiration, I am announcing that I will be applying for the Washoe County School Board Vacant Seat. My decision comes after several days of conversations with many community leaders and educators, and community members throughout the district.

This decision, on the surface, seemed challenging. The school board has been through a very demanding year. With its many responsibilities and duties, this job appears to have gotten more strenuous and exacting than when I originally ran for the school board several years ago.

Moreover, being appointed to this seat would require me to resign as a substitute teacher for the school district. This brings me great displeasure and sadness in doing so. It has been one of the greatest honors of my life to work with students and staff once again, albeit in a different capacity than when I was a student leader. The awe-inspiring generations of leaders behind me motivate me, even more to create a better future for not just my posterity but for theirs as well.

It is that motivation that drives me to apply for this seat. I cannot willingly and readily turn away and not offer my service to this district. Just because things look tough doesn't mean I can't step up to the plate. That's what this district's teachers and support staff members taught me when I was a student - an ever-growing inspiration and dedication to service to one's community.

I believe with my continued service to this community on the Ward 2 Neighborhood Advisory board and teaching as a substitute teacher for the district, as well as the completion of my Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Nevada, Reno in six months; I can provide a stable, knowledgeable, and dedicated presence on the board that will complement the district's goals and vision.

As a trustee, I will seek to remain a constant presence in our community and our schools. I'll provide stable governance and continual communication with every stakeholder. But, most importantly, I will always put our students first in every and all decisions made.

I sincerely look forward to a fair and transparent application process. I implore anyone who wants to learn more about myself or would like to help my chances of getting appointed, please visit

Thank you."

If you would like to help Jack, go to the "Take Action" button at the top of this website to learn about ways you can help back Jack!

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