Since Jack announced his candidacy, we've collected questions that have been asked often about this campaign for change. If your question isn't listed, please contact us using the website contact page. 


"My name is Jack Heinemann. I’m 19 years old, and I’m running for the School Board - District A. 


I’m a battle born Nevadan, raised in Reno and a recent graduate from the Home of the Mustangs, Damonte Ranch High School. 


As the grandson of a veteran and the son of two life-long restaurant managers, I understand what service truly means to others.


My dedication to public service came at age eleven when a neighbor took me to a presidential rally in 2012. The electricity in the air, the energy of the crowd, and the passion my community members shared for the betterment of the silver state ignited my passion for public service. I’ve been striving to serve our Northern Nevada community ever since. 


I attribute my successes and achievements to the education I received within the Washoe County School District. Every single teacher, administrator, and support staff member I encountered, all played a part in my success and the success of all students in the district."


"Here in Washoe County, our schools are facing significant challenges; overcrowding, teacher shortages, school safety, lack of support for our custodians, and the school board's inability to reach out and listen.


As a fresh graduate and proud 12-year Washoe county student, I've seen those challenges up-close and personal.


I'm running because we can do better.


We know our school district needs a change. I'm running for the school board to be that choice for change."


"Now more than ever, we need leaders who can empathize with our schools. We need leaders who don't just acknowledge the issues our schools face but also have seen them with their own two eyes as I have for the past 12 years.


I know what it's like when the fire alarm goes off, and the creeping feeling of fear a student feels. That feeling that their school is just going to be another name on a long list of school shootings this year. 


I've seen the difference two or three students can have on the student-teacher ratio in a classroom. It has a significant impact on a teacher's ability to teach and a student's ability to learn. 


I saw the massive blow to morale that a custodial team takes when the district cuts one of their custodians.


I've seen the frustration in parents' eyes when they felt their kids weren't getting the education they deserve.


And I continue to hear the disapproval of the school board from our community members.


I can empathize with our schools and understand the issues they face."


"I hear this question being asked many times and I take fault with it. What does the best mean? Because, for the past decade, we've been aiming to elect the best candidates for the school board and most end up performing poorly, leaving mid-term, and keeping our school district in a cloud of scandal and controversy. Our definition of best is off. 


The best candidate ought to be able to reach out and listen to the needs of teachers, parents, custodians, administrators, office secretaries, and of course, our kids.


They must have a deep understanding of students' needs and understand that the policies they advocate or denounce will have direct consequences, positive and negative, on our next generation of leaders. 


I am that best candidate because I listen, I understand, and I will always put students first. I am the best because every single day, I do my best; for our teachers, for our parents, for our schools, for our community, and for our kids."  


"First and foremost, we need to get everyone on the same page. The problem is, we aren't. There is a massive disconnect between our district, our schools, and our community. 


My priority would be to bridge that disconnect.


I'd focus on establishing regular and secure means of communication between our students, teachers, administrators, support staff members, and community members. Means such as meetings, town halls, newsletters, etc. 


If we can get everyone on the same page - on the same communication level, then at the very least, we can understand each other's needs and wants as we work toward a better future for our kids.


I know I'm not your conventional candidate. I won't act like it. But I don't think our school board needs a conventional candidate. Our board needs someone who isn't afraid of making a splash, who'll fight for what's right, and who's seen the challenges our school face, up-close and personal. I can bring that change to the school board. I hope you can join me in bringing about that change. I invite you to go to to learn more about me and this campaign for change."

P.O. Box 18056
Reno, NV 89511

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