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A Passion For Public Service

Jack Warren Heinemann is a battle-born Nevadan, raised in Reno, and a proud recent Damonte Ranch High School graduate. The son of two life-long restaurant managers, Jack understands what service truly means to others.

Jack's dedication to public service came at age eleven when a neighbor took him to a presidential rally in 2012. The electricity in the air, the energy of the crowd, and the passion his community members shared for the betterment of his home state and country ignited his passion for public service. Jack has been serving the northern Nevada community ever since.

While attending Kendyl Depoali Middle School and Damonte Ranch High School, Jack became a public service intern for the City of Reno, a volunteer and organizer for multiple campaigns, and a field director for a local political campaign.

He was awarded the highly esteemed Hearst Foundation's United States Senate Youth Scholarship award, which is only awarded to two students per state


Also, in high school, Jack was elected Student Body President. Throughout Jack's career as a student and student leader, he woke up every day, knowing he had the distinct honor and privilege to serve students and staff. He made connections with both students and faculty and led the entire school through a prosperous year.


After graduating, Jack saw the immense need for leadership and youth voice in our school district. So, in 2019, he declared his candidacy for the Washoe County School Board at 18 years old. However, shortly after that declaration, the COVID-19 Pandemic turned society upside down. Yet, Jack persisted; Campaigning vigorously on social media, fundraising by phone, and safely passing out flyers in neighborhoods. He outworked his opponents, which community leaders noticed. As a result, Jack received numerous endorsements from leaders on national, state, and local fronts. Although he lost in the primaries, he became the youngest person in Washoe County to receive more than 2,000 votes in an election, paving the way for more young people to run for office!

Jack didn't go home and give up. After his loss, he still showed up at board meetings and community events, advocating for students, educators, parents, and community members. In addition, he remained active in politics and campaigned for local candidates that worked hard for their constituents. 


Later in 2020, Jack applied for a vacant Washoe County School Board seat. He received a letter with over 100 WCSD educators endorsing him for the vacancy. The Washoe County School Board selected Jack as one of the four finalists, becoming the youngest person in the district's history to be considered for a vacancy.


Even after not receiving the appointment, Jack still stayed involved. He became a substitute teacher and sought to resolve the massive substitute shortage the district had. As a result, Jack continues to bring day-to-day change and relief to our schools. Moreover, he is once again inspired by working with students and faculty.


In June of 2021, Councilwoman Naomi Duerr appointed Jack to the Ward 2 Neighborhood Advisory Board. On the board, Jack engages and analyzes critical issues facing the community, always ensuring he reflects all community voices. 


In addition to his public service work, Jack continues his educational career at the University of Nevada, Reno. He is double majoring in Criminal Justice with an Emphasis on Law & Justice, and Sociology. He plans on graduating a year early, in May of 2022.

He attributes his successes and achievements to the education he received within the school district. The educators and support staff all played a part in his success and the success of all students in Washoe County.


Jack is now applying for the current vacancy on the school board! He believes that his experience in our school and our community brings an important perspective to the board. Moreover, he feels he can provide stable and knowledgeable governance for the seat - which is critical in these unprecedented times. 


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