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The election is over. The results have been announced. Kameron will be our next President.

To my supporters: I’m so sorry I couldn’t cross that finish line for us. We gave it our all. I want to thank each and every one of you who voted, passed out stickers, spoke in classes, and ultimately believed in me and this vision for change. That’s what this campaign was about - it was bigger than both you and me. It was about a better SBA, a more inclusive, welcoming, and diverse McGeorge. Although we came up short, I still remain committed to fighting for that change.

I’ve personally reached out to the President-elect and expressed my sincere willingness to work together with him and provide him with the proper mandate to lead.

This election was divisive and heated. It has fractured our campus and provided more fuel to the already hostile environment for our diverse students. We clearly have more work to do and I sincerely hope that the President-elect and the new SBA take that head-on.

This election is now behind us. It’s time we move on and move forward, together.


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